Software Solutions

Software Development

At Extrigs! we engage in the process of creating both standalone and individual software using one or more programming language that best addresses the development need of our clients’ unique business and personal objective, goal and processes. Our software development is usually a planned initiative which comprises of various steps and stages which result in the creation of operational software for our clients, government agencies, schools and business organizations.

We are always engaged in an iterative logical process aiming at creating a computer coded and programmed software. Our software development project comes both as web-based and installable apps on most popular devices and OS. We develop software for use in the following business and industrial sectors:

  • School management simulation software to stimulate and facilitate the smooth running activities of educational institutions.
  • Accounting and financial software.
  • Marketing and Sales software.
  • Hospital and health management software.
  • Software for use at governmental organizations.
  • Social networks plugins and entertainment software.
  • Advertising and promotional software.
  • And lot more.

Software Architecture

We are also specialized at describing and structuring a solution to meet technical and operational requirements, and optimization of attributes involving series of decisions, such as security, performance and manageability to mainly optimize and impact the application quality, maintenance and to ensure overall performance and success.

While we run software architecting, we keep in mind our client demands, goals and target. Since our clients’ achievement is our key goal, with software architecture, we try to facilitate communication while documenting the early and high-level decisions regarding design and design components and pattern reuse for our clients’ subsequent projects, thereby working through the abstraction and separation of these concerns and reduce complexity.

Software Maintenance

Since software is a model of the real world, when the real world changes, the software requires alteration wherever possible. We run software development to clients to modify and update software application after delivery to correct faults and to improve performance to meet their new demands and features, especially software designed and developed by our development team.

In software maintenance, our main goal to our client is to optimize, correct error, delete discarded features and enhance their existing features, since these changes are necessary for our clients.