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Extrigs! Global Network Limited (Extrigs!) is a multi-solution and technology consulting firm that combines processes which decrease inefficiency and innovative technology to deliver quality services to its clients.


Regardless of who they are, we're always interested in maintaining an unmitigated commuication between us and our clients.

Team Work

We work together as a team adhering to a team rule, raising a standard for an effective and efficient workflow.

Speed and Accuracy

We do not really believe in the popular phrase "slow and steady". We create development with high degree of proficiency of accuracy driven speed.


The use of imagination or original ideas to create innovations is good. Making your imaginations and ideas extra-ordinary is better, that's who we are.

Online Resource Management

We distribute our multi-platform ready-to-use apps, such as school management facilities, at a takeaway price to promote your organisation and company's workflow efficiency.

Help You Get There

We stay at the cutting edge of solution developments so that you don’t have to. We are always striving to be better so our clients achieve more, since their goals matter the most to us.

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Quick, Precise. Always on the GO!

We deliver greater quality and cost effective offshore web and software development services, quicker than ever.

Our Services

Extending Realtime Internet to Global Services! (EXTRIGS!). We're here just for your personal and business needs, building your confidence through proficiency.

Web Development

Responsive and user friendly interface website design and web application development to suit your various digital needs.

Software Development

We build software using one or more programming language that best addresses your unique business development needs.

Mobile App Development

Cross-platform app development with high efficiency and user friendly interface to promote company's growth.

Digital Marketing

Quick and precise web services including sales promotion and SEO marketing.

Hardware Supply and Maintenance

We supply hardware, system accessories and gadgets to companies, institutions and firms.

Software Maintenance

We may not be your program developer, but are effective in it's management and maintenance.


Sensitive and secured networks implementation using the Extrigs! Smart Network Intelligience (ExSNI).

Software Institute

Our highly qualified and experienced programmers would expand your code knowledge even more broader.


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22, AA Salisu Plaza,
Jimeta Yola, Adamawa State.
Nigeria, 640231.
234 706 754 8859
234 901 979 0894

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